Join Our Team

Nextpoint Design is looking for passionate designers who love what they do. We specialize in UX, UI, and Visual Design for embedded product interfaces, desktop applications and mobile apps.


User Experience Designers

We’re looking for a designer who understands every successful product lies in discovery of user’s needs, actions, and desires. A UX Designer knows how to lay the groundwork to make a product become seamless and transparent, even though the underling structure may be complicated. Help us direct a path for each project we touch.

Key Focus: Personas / Use Case Scenarios / Information Architecture / Flows / Wireframing / Research


User Interface Designers

We’re looking for a designer who can create the layout structure of an interface with a consistency and understanding of current interaction paradigms. A User Interface Designer is an expert in UI frameworks and knows how to create the best interface for each user scenario.

Key Focus: Wireframing / Navigation Structures / Use Case Story Boarding / UI Frameworks / Screen Layouts and Heirarchy


Visual DesignerS

We’re looking for a designer who can create a visual design language that enhances the user experience with intuitive visual hierarchies and emotional connections to the brand. The Visual Designer is an expert in Visual Brand Language (VBL) and can also manage a wide array of graphic assets needed to create a product on multiple platforms.

Key Focus: Visual Design Language / Visual Brand Language / UI Element Systems / Asset Management